Best Before

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Best Before

Dini Adanurani

Video performance;
Video, in color, 62 minutes 2 seconds

In this work entitled Best Before, Dini Adanurani poeticizes daily activities into constructed events to express polemics on the relationship between bodily behaviour and survival efforts.

This construction also implies how processes and moments of digestion, growth, rotting, and even preservation can occupy spaces with different complexities: ecological space (and simultaneously biological space) and technological space.

The examination of these moments, artistically, presupposes a performative scene. Through Best Before, Dini idiosyncratically constructs a scene that departs from everyday activities: opening the refrigerator to peek at the food in it, taking the food and eating it, and picking up the leftovers. A camera records the scene.

This video performance reveals two orientations of the human body’s behaviour in survival. First, biological processes that are immediate, temporary, and repetitive. Second, the consciousness of preserving and extending life which is based on an orientation towards the future.

Dini Adanurani (Jakarta, September 6, 1998) graduated from Philosophy Studies program at the University of Indonesia. She is a writer, filmmaker, and freelance translator. Her first film, “Aksi-Reaksi” (2018, in collaboration with Wahyi Budiman Dasta and Mia Aulia) was produced by MILISIFILEM Collective, Forum Lenteng. While in college, she was the Festival Director for the UI Film Festival. Currently, Dini is active as a film critic for Jurnal Footage (  One of her articles entitled “Kisah yang Politis dalam You and I”, was one of 15 candidates nominated for the 2021 Citra Cup Film Criticism.

In March 2020, together with members of the 69 Performance Club and MILISIFILEM Collective, she presented the AMBANGANGAN art project at Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society, Yogyakarta. In 2021, again with 69 Performance Club, she created a performance art piece entitled “Mutual Disruption”. Dini also writes about performance art. Her written work can be accessed on the website She also maintains a personal website