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Programmes at the Cemeti – Institute for Arts and Society take the form of exhibitions, workshops, discussions/talks, meetings, publications, long-term research projects, and artist residency programs for three months (held twice a year).

These programmes reflect our concern and work direction as a platform that seeks to respond to current issues and phenomena, both within the cultural scene and its context with the social, political and economic sphere in general.

In its realization, the Cemeti – Institute for Arts and Society categorizes the programmes into several foci to be implemented within a predetermined time frame, based on the urgency of the issue, the relevance and significance of the theme, and certain artistic frameworks.

The focus on each programme is part of the Cemeti – Institut for Art and Society‘s long-term curatorial research and production to map the latest trends and developments in art practices, both at the local and global level. The mapping also includes the expositions of archives or re-reading of existing cultural discourses, as an effort of this institution to formulate various aptness and discoveries of artistic practice, language, and aesthetics in the realm of arts in Indonesia.