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Residency 2023 Period #1

During the three-month residency period April-June 2023, the residency living space and studio will be occupied by three artists, Arif Furqan (Indonesia), Samboleap Tol (Netherlands) and Roberta Joy Rich (Australia). During this residency, Doni Ahmad, a curator from Bandung who was selected through an open call for curators period 2023, will accompany the process of the three artists in exploring and diving into daily life and art in Yogyakarta.  In addition, FX Harsono (a visual art artist and member of Cemeti’s board) takes part in this residency as a supervisor supporting program development.

Remembering 25 Years of Reformation

This exhibition is not (just) about the Reformation. Nor is it about glorification, especially at this point in our lives when we are still struggling for democracy. Rather, this exhibition was initiated to be a space that brings together various memories of a moment that has changed many things in the lives of individuals and us as citizens of a nation. We, and several artists from different backgrounds and generations, would like to invite you to talk about the markers of a tipping point: how a set of historical events happening during the period that have prompted a breadth of interpretations are mused on in different ways, and have started a conversation that leads to many paths.


In this exhibition, Anang with his platform PARI initiated a project entitled EXPLORING FARMER GROUPS – JOGJA X FUKUDA to converses food sources and agricultural practices between Yogyakarta City, Indonesia, and Fukuda in Shozu-gun city, Shodoshima-cho in Kagawa province, Japan. This conversation will apply methods that are processed through an artistic approach, such as design practice, photography, video, and events. These various media serves to promote as well as discuss the entire process of interaction between the two community groups.

100 Years of Joseph Beuys

Commemorating 100 years of Joseph Beuys in 2021, Goethe-Institut Indonesien is organizing a series of events in Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta in collaboration with Asep Topan, Erik Pauhrizi, Iwan Wijono and Tisna Sanjaya. Beuys’s spirit and ideas will be explored and reinterpreted from the Indonesian point of view through public lectures, online and offline workshops, artwork presentations, and documentary film screenings available on the Goethe-on-Demand online portal. Stay updated with the event series from October to December 2021 through social media channels and #100TahunBeuys.


In this project, we utilize the most of our online media platforms. We will share a weekly review on materials of documentation from our archives related to artworks or projects of artists that had ever collaboratively worked with Cemeti, it can be one post or more.

Rhizomatic Archipelago

Rimpang Nusantara (Rhizomatic Archipelago) is an ongoing program initiated by Cemeti – Institute for Arts and Society since December 2018, as a platform to develop an art and cultural work model that is managed together egalitarian and transparently by each participant in it, by emphasizing the importance of decentralization, as well as maximizing the distribution mechanism of knowledge and experience equally.