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In this “Ambangan” project, MILSIFILEM Collective tries to sort out and critique several aspects of the art field through a small simulation which, this time, is framed into 72-hour performance art. Citing the routine activities of the artist-participants (members of the MILISIFILEM Collective) as the main element and factor of their performance content, the “Ambangan” project is experimenting with a threshold of endurance between common and uncommon time; with a threshold of understanding between the realm of production and the realm of the exhibition; and with a threshold of experience between presentational zone and representational zone.

The Memories Hurrying Home

Suvi’s visual works in this series are the result of visualization of various objects which he considers represent real experiences, self-identities, and models of social relations that exist outside. These objects are performative in the context of how they accommodate bitterness in the family environment, as well as perceiving (directly and indirectly) the phenomenon of social conflict in Indonesia. All of them imagine a quiet nuance but it also implies a very strong noise.