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In this “Ambangan” project, MILSIFILEM Collective tries to sort out and critique several aspects of the art field through a small simulation which, this time, is framed into 72-hour performance art. Citing the routine activities of the artist-participants (members of the MILISIFILEM Collective) as the main element and factor of their performance content, the “Ambangan” project is experimenting with a threshold of endurance between common and uncommon time; with a threshold of understanding between the realm of production and the realm of the exhibition; and with a threshold of experience between presentational zone and representational zone.

The Memories Hurrying Home

Suvi’s visual works in this series are the result of visualization of various objects which he considers represent real experiences, self-identities, and models of social relations that exist outside. These objects are performative in the context of how they accommodate bitterness in the family environment, as well as perceiving (directly and indirectly) the phenomenon of social conflict in Indonesia. All of them imagine a quiet nuance but it also implies a very strong noise.

Bodies of Power/Power of Bodies

Bodies of Power/Power for Bodies is a group exhibition and events program at Cemeti-Institute for Art and Society. It marks the start of a new ongoing programme thread (of the same name) that will include a number of other group and solo projects, as well as research developed with a range of practitioners. This first exhibition brings together artists and collectives from Indonesia who either work directly with communities through DIY civic action, or use the space of art to critique dominant social and political systems. Through these practices, as well as those of various community initiatives involved in the associated public programmes, we hope to explore the social role and political agency of cultural practice; how we can speak to (bodies of) power, as well as directly support our individual and collective bodies.

In a Hard Place Apply Soft Pressure/s

As part of soft/WALL/studs’ month-long research period with Cemeti-Institute for Art and Society, the project In a Hard Place Apply Soft Pressure/s forms positions and superpositions, adaptations and maladjustments, with individuals and objects both close and distant, through re-appropriation of materials, collaborations, contaminations, boundary crossings, pulling and relaying an archive of forms and gestures among themselves as a way to revisit and reroute strategies and formats among themselves.

Ruang Politik Pertama Bernama Rumah

Ruang Politik Pertama Bernama Rumah [“The First Political Space Called Home”] is a project initiated by artist Dito Yuwono for which he has invited five Yogyakarta based collectives to collaborate, namely Barasub, Laras, RAR Editions, Sewon Screening and Studio Batu. The exhibition consists of new works by Yuwono in which he explores his own as well as Cemeti’s spatial histories, setting the context for the overall project; and a series of two or three day solo presentations and events by the invited collectives.

Museum of the Ordinary Things

Collecting these farming and carpentry tools started from a dedication and a desire to learn about the positive values embedded within them, as well as their interconnectedness with other fields. Tools are not merely material objects: they contain knowledge, skills, struggles, ideas, as well as village stories.