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While The Wound and Venom I Carry as I’m Running

Ghost light is the entrance to then widen the gaze. The method we take is to re-abstract the artistic objects that Dalijo has created. Then parse the narratives around the installation elements and at the same time imagine the possible repertoire. Then pack it back into one statement: wound and venom I carry as I’m running.

Ghost Light

The curatorial basis of this exhibition is the artist’s desire to express his interludial moment of a long process of using the textual medium in exploring the potentiality of fiction as a technique for deconstructing the history. Simultaneously, Ghost Light shows the parallelity of the artist’s evolving artistic method; his text-based archival processing is substituted by exposing the production background to play with the liminality between fiction, history, imagination, memory, and reality, as well as the actual process to respond to these five things.