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Where is Gegerboyo’s Anti-Narrative?

In the context of Gegerboyo’s drawings, the process of fusion is the ‘sequential drawings’, and the anticipation of ‘illusion of the fusion process’ we have mentioned is therefore anticipation of ‘sequential illusion’. This is important, in order to see other potentials of Gegerboyo’s ‘anti-narrative’.

Gazing into Gapura Buwana: An Artistic Reflection on Gegerboyo’s Formal Experiment

The “non-systemic” drawing workflow that has been implemented by Gegerboyo is, in fact, an attempt to go beyond the boundaries of the consecutive system. As we can see in this exhibition, titled Gapura Buwana, the visual tsunami on Gegerboyo’s walls is fragmental instead of sequential—the fragments of the images interrupt one another, resulting in a visual solidity.

Gapura Buwana

Gapura Buwana exhibits Gegerboyo’s visual artworks, most of which are drawn on the walls of the gallery. The rest of them are printed and drawn on transparent fabrics that are hung in different positions at a certain distance from the wall. In order to encourage new interpretations of Gegerboyo’s artistic practice, this exhibition highlights their method, which, according to them, is carried out in a “non-systemic” way. This refers to organically drawing, unrestrained by any rigid criterion in terms of visual composition or narrative systems.