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“Exploring Farmer Groups Jogja X Fukuda” Exhibition

Anang and Pari often connect the disconnected -at least for things generally considered disconnected in our art scene today- such as contemporary art and agriculture. This time, Anang connects many things, including farmer groups from Yogyakarta and Fukuda, food source maps of Yogyakarta and Fukuda, artist-style photography and Fukuda citizen photography, Cemeti’s gallery in Yogyakarta and Matsumoto House in Fukuda, Shodoshima.

Virtual Trips #2 ExploringFarmer Groups Jogja X Fukuda – Shinta Mina

In the second session of the virtual trip to the Shinta Mina woman’s farmer group which was held on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, participants were invited to see a variety of plants managed by dealing with limited land, to the process of making KOHE fertilizer (Animal Manure) which is produced independently and becomes a supporter of plant care in this farmer group itself and the surrounding area. It closed by eating the group’s servings, ranging from ingkung ayam (stewed a whole chicken with spices and coconut milk) to various types of vegetables.

Virtual Trips #1 Exploring Farmer Groups Jogja X Fukuda – Melati Green

In the first session of the virtual trip to the Melati Green farmer group which was held on Monday, July 4, 2022, participants were invited to see cuniculture, the process of making liquid organic fertilizer from rabbit feces and urine, making planting media and compost, plant grafting methods, medicinal plants and fruits that are easy to find in residential areas, and dishes such as fried catfish, fried tofu and tempeh, tape, peanut sauce, and rice & white turmeric herbal drink.


In this exhibition, Anang with his platform PARI initiated a project entitled EXPLORING FARMER GROUPS – JOGJA X FUKUDA to converses food sources and agricultural practices between Yogyakarta City, Indonesia, and Fukuda in Shozu-gun city, Shodoshima-cho in Kagawa province, Japan. This conversation will apply methods that are processed through an artistic approach, such as design practice, photography, video, and events. These various media serves to promote as well as discuss the entire process of interaction between the two community groups.