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Barasub: Wahana Kuda Binal

Barasub will organise a 24 hour performance at Cemeti entitled Wahana Kuda Binal. For one night and one day, Barasub will use Cemeti’s gallery space as their personal living, working and exhibition space.

The First Political Space Called Home

Ruang Politik Pertama Bernama Rumah (“The First Political Space Called Home”) is a project initiated by artist Dito Yuwono for which he has invited five Yogyakarta based collectives to collaborate, namely Barasub, Laras, RAR Editions, Sewon Screening and Studio Batu. The exhibition consists of new works by Yuwono in which he explores his own as well as Cemeti’s spatial histories, setting the context for the overall project; and a series of two or three-day solo presentations and events by the invited collectives.