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Trip 0.2.1. and Trip 0.2.2.: Speculations Crash Course II

In this two-part Speculation Crash Course, we will try to use speculation as a way to create a collective form of imagination.


ALMANAK a project initiated by artist Natasha Tontey in collaboration with curator Syafiatudina, at Cemeti-Institut for Arts and Society. ALMANAK consists of two parts: an exhibition featuring Natasha Tontey’s new work (5-30 June 2018) and a series of public events titled “Trip”, in which Natasha Tontey and curator Syafiatudina respond to the main concerns, questions and imaginations of the project, which are of a nature double and fragmented.


MASS is a new project initiated by UK based collective Auto Italia South East, resulting from their one-month research residency at Cemeti in collaboration with British Council Indonesia. The exhibition of new artwork by Auto Italia serves to launch a collaboratively produced fanzine which will be published later in the year.