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Performing Knowledges

Screening of documentation of the theatre piece Sangkar Madu (2013), by Verry Handayani, followed by a discussion about the embodiment of knowledge & skills, with respondents Ferial Afiff, Muhamad Abe dan MN Qomaruddin, moderated by Khairunisa.

Choreographed Knowledges

Choreographed Knowledges is a project by artist Julia Sarisetiati, curated by Grace Samboh, building on the artist’s long-term research and engagement with Indonesian migrant workers. Choreographed Knowledges aims to explore how bodies of power such as state and corporations, “choreograph” bodies across the globe as a migrant workforce, focussing particularly on what comes before: education and training.

Ngaji Bunyi – “Does Sound Matter?” #3

In this event, which also marks the final day of the exhibition, researcher M. Yaser Arafat will share his ongoing research into the influence of Arabic language and culture on Indonesian contemporary society, discussing on the recent wave of Arabic sound and its affect on our everyday lives. Meanwhile, media activists Pitra Hutomo and Abdus Somad will take Ngaji Bunyi’s subtitle ‘Does Sound Matter?’ into the polyphonic political realm, addressing the complex relation between sound, voice, power and resistance. The study session will be moderated by researcher and writer Irfan R. Darajat.

Ngaji Bunyi – “Does Sound Matter?” #2

Please join us on Monday at 15.00 hrs at Cemeti Institute for the second edition of Ngaji Bunyi–Does Sound Matter?, a series of three study sessions focussing on sound, initiated by artist Julian Abraham “Togar” in the context of his solo exhibition ~IIINNNGGG~ at Cemeti. The first Ngaji Bunyi-Does Sound Matter by Togar took place on 2 December 2018 at Masjid Jendral Sudirman, and can now be viewed in a video installation at Cemeti.

Ngaji Bunyi: “Does Sound Matter?”

Ngaji Bunyi – “Does Sound Matter?” is a study session by artist Julian Abraham ‘Togar’ in collaboration with Ketakmiran Masjid Jendral Sudirman and Uya Cipriano, which takes place at the Masjid Jendral Sudirman mosque. The main theme of this lecture, ‘Does sound matter?’, refers both to the immateriality of sound (in physics), to sound as material (in art) and its political implications in daily life.

The Nomad

In this talk, artist Arahmaiani will share her experience of working with the community of Lab, a village located on the Tibetan Plateau. The Tibetan Plateau is a vulnerable site where climate change is urgently felt: it not only has the richest biodiversity in the world, it is also referred to as the “Water Tower” of Asia as more than 2 million people live of the water that rises in it, plus it is known as the “Third Pole” or one of the largest ice fields on the planet. Melting glaciers and permafrost cause local floods and mudflows, while a vision of the plateau drying up in 2030 looms as a very real possibility.