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Sando Lopi

His name is Mr. Quraisy, a pande lopi (‘boatman’) as well as sando lopi (‘boat shaman’). What distinguishes the boat here in Mandar from the others is the treatment. A boat is not just an inanimate object, it also has a soul.

The Tomb of Putroe Neng

Putroe Neng’s tomb, whose real name is Nian Nio Lian Khi, located on the edge of a large road between provinces, Lhokseumawe area. The tomb key interpreter (Qamariyah the granny, who replaced her husband who died in 2015) tells the story that in the past visitors took a picture in this tomb, often with the figure of an astral woman suspected of the incarnation of Putroe Neng. This photo story is quite popular, but when I search and ask questions, no one has saved the printed photo.