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Notes on the Body Journey Workshop (Day 04)

Day #4
28 November 2022

On the fourth day, the final workshop continued the discussion about each participant’s idea. Iwan Wijono directed the participants to finalize their ideas. Then each participant presented their artwork idea. In the middle of the presentation, Dimaz offered a gallery visit to Cemeti, and it was done before the exhibition started. Although this visit was done three days before the exhibition, this activity was quite helpful for the participants to determine the position of their respective works later. Some participants were still unclear about what they were going to present in the exhibition – they had the idea but were uncertain about the medium.

Iwan Wijono had time to provide input about artistic references to the participants and kept the space open for exploration. Iwan Wijono’s statement, which he often told in workshops that “art can be produced anywhere, in this context of not confined by one particular medium so that artists are not trapped in an aesthetic dictatorship”, at least served as a foothold for participants to freely explore ideas, approaches, and the medium of the works/projects that they will present in Cemeti’s gallery space. *

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