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Notes on the Body Journey Workshop (Day 03)

Day #3
27 November 2022

On the third day of the workshop, Iwan Wijono gave material to develop references for creating artwork through paper and stationery. Participants were asked to write one word on paper alternately clockwise. These collected words are then made into some kind of artwork description. And then, each participant was asked to think about how to choose a medium of the creation based on this text. This method actually functioned to trigger the freedom of creation through an artwork description text, even though the participants were still confused, but they were quite enthusiastic because the process was fluid and kind of ice-breaking.

The last session ended with a discussion about the idea/project they would present in Cemeti gallery. The forum also got stuck because the participants were still doubtful and confused. Dimaz stimulated the imagination of the participants by illustrating the general description of Cemeti’s floor map. The discussion began to open, and from there, we saw that the ideas they would work on for the final presentation seemed to be still on the verge of uncertainty, or to put it bluntly, the clarity of ideas was still not strong enough to be translated into public presentations, even the question of which medium to choose, some participants still couldn’t decide. *

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