"Rimpang's Stories", Kota Sabang_, RHIZOMATIC ARCHIPELAGO
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Sunset in Sabang Beach

English | Indonesia

During this pandemic, my family and I just stay at home. At the beginning of April, we started to feel afraid of what appeared on the news about the Covid-19 and it got worse when the number of infected people increased. In the month of April-May, all of the borders of Aceh were closed. My family and I just stayed at home and did our duty to earn our daily bread from home by open-order drawing through online. On the first of June, I heard that the restriction was open. I felt like I needed to meet people again even just for a meet-up and chit-chat face to face, no online meeting, and I needed a fresh air because I was really sick staying at home nonstop. I chose to visit my grandma, aunty, cousin, uncle, and their children in Sabang. I stayed there for a week. Malaka was also happy playing with the kids. The day before going back to Banda Aceh, we spent our time right before Maghrib on a beach near to Sabang Fair while Malaka rode the odong-odong*.

*A modified motorcycle which is attractively decorated in order to get children’ attention. It operates like a carriage that can accommodate three until four children.  Usually, they are out in the afternoon till night. They can be found in a square and people will ride it to go around the city.


CUT PUTRI AYASOFIA adalah seorang komikus (genre manga) yang tinggal dan bergiat di Aceh. Dalam program Residensi Rimpang X Kelana, yang diselenggarakan atas kerja sama antara Cemeti – Institut untuk Seni dan Masyarakat dan Biennale Jogja 2019 Equator XV, Cut mengembangkan karyanya terkait dengan isu pola asuh dan pendidikan anak, dan mengkritisi model pendidikan formal yang juga menunjukkan kapitalisme pendidikan. Selama proses residensi di Jogja pada bulan Juli 2019, Cut Putri mengunjungi beberapa sekolah alternatif lalu memilih Sekolah Akar Rumput, Yogyakarta sebagai mitra kolaborasi.

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