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Rimpang’s Stories: Tajriani Thalib

English | Indonesia

At the beginning of March when I was in Makassar, I joined a deep language training organized by LPDP for three months, March-June. It had been exactly two weeks when I had face-to-face learning and the news about Covid-19 arose and got worse. I still remember, it was on Saturday-Sunday, my friends and I got panic waiting for updates about our language training. Meanwhile, every campus in Indonesia had announced that learning must be switched to an online method and the campus was closed.

On Monday morning, I started to do the online class. I ran out of savings, I had no enough money to buy an internet quota and it made me ask for wifi-sharing from a community whose base camp was located side by side with my boarding house.  The only spot I could access the internet was near to the stairs. I stayed at home for a week, I almost ran out of food in my boarding house, I decided to go out and look for food. When I went to Indomaret, people were hurried, all of them wore a mask. I saw a woman wearing a mukena and she used the end of the mukena to cover a half of her face. Around March 20, after the first patient of Covid-19 in South Sulawesi had been announced, I decided to go home to Mandar.


TAJRIANI THALIB mendapatkan gelar sarjananya dari Fakultas Psikologi, Universitas Negeri Makassar. Tajriani tinggal dan bekerja di Polewali Mandar, Sulawesi Barat. Ia aktif sebagai penampil, khususnya dalam pertunjukkan-pertunjukkan seni tradisi. Tajriani tampil, antara lain, dalam Wonderful Indonesia Festival, Bangkok, Thailand (2017) dan The 3rd Erau International Folks Arts Festival (EIFAF), Kutai Kartanegara, Kalimantan Timur (2013). Dia juga banyak terlibat dalam proyek-proyek sosial, misalnya bersama Komunitas Sipatokkong yang fokus melakukan pendampingan bagi anak-anak dengan kebutuhan khusus serta bersama Armada Pustaka Mandar, komunitas pustaka bergerak yang menghadirkan bacaan ke berbagai daerah di Sulawesi Barat. Dia juga merupakan salah satu pendiri Ruang Budaya Bura'pia.

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