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The Inaugural Meeting of Rhizomatic Artists x Kelana

English | Indonesia

Discussion about “The Idea of Borders and Indigenous Peoples” with Yando Zakaria. (Photo: Instagram @biennalejogja)

In the framework of collaboration between the Rhizomatic Archipelago program (owned by Cemeti) and the Kelana Residency (owned by Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation), on 22 – 26 April 2019, Cemeti – the Institute for Arts and Society in collaboration with Biennale Jogja Equator 5 held meetings and discussions to increase richness of perspective in translating the theme of the Biennale Jogja 2019. The meeting was attended by artists participating in the Rhizomatic Archipelago Program and several artists participating in the Biennale Jogja 2019. The meeting which was also held in the form of a short workshop was held at the Cemeti office and Omah Kebon, Yogyakarta.

Discussion about “Activism on Peripheral Issues” with Ela (SKP HAM Palu). (Photo: Instagram @biennalejogja)
Participants in the inaugural meeting of Rimpang Nusantara and Kelana Residency took a group photo while relaxing after the activity. (Photo: Instagram @biennalejogja)