"Programme Introduction", Residency 2019 #2

Residency 2019 Period #2

English | Indonesia

Sophie Innmann (Germany), Dhanny Sanjaya (Indonesia), and Chu Hao Pei (Singapore)

Artist-in-Residence Program Period #2, 2019

Organised by Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Indonesien and National Arts Council Singapore.

From September to November 2019, Chu Hao Pei (Singapore), Dhanny ‘Danot’ Sanjaya (Indonesia), and Sophie Innmann (Germany) will take part in Cemeti Artist-in-Residence Program period #2 2019.

Cemeti Artist-in-Residence Program is a platform for artists with post-studio based practice, encouraging an open process of artistic research and knowledge exchange. The program is to support the participating artists in developing their critical perspectives on their own practice, and to connect them directly with local communities, build meaningful relationships, and through their work address key issues at stake in the local context and beyond. The residency will culminate in a final presentation in any form that relates to the artists’ research findings and artworks.

Artists’ Profile (draft; in alphabetical order)

Chu Hao Pei (Singapore)

Formally trained in Interactive Media, Chu Hao Pei began his practice under the Interactive Media, School of Art, Design & Media (ADM) in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His artistic practice is informed by the shifting ecological, social and urban landscapes. By interweaving documentation and intervention as a strategy, he explores conflicts and tensions arising from state’s interventions on nature and culture. Most recently, He has developed project on an interest in the human-nature connection in the context of religion and the social effect within local communities. Extending his research on religious practices in nature conservation, his residency will examine the role of indigenous Javanese belief, Kejawen, and its connection to the recent emergence of urban farming practices.

Dhanny Sanjaya (Indonesia)

Dhanny ‘Danot’ Sanjaya completed his Visual Communication Design study at Pelita Harapan University, Tangerang Indonesia. His interest in the issue of the future of the earth, both global warming, the rising of sea levels, to the threat of the loss of millions of species in the future, has made Danot create the Ichthyhumanology Institute; a fictional institution that presents studies on the natural relationship between humans, fish and the sea. Danot offers research methods as a medium to re-examine how we position ourselves within the environment and with other organisms. In this residency, Danot is interested in expanding his research by looking at new possibilities that can occur in the absence of fish stocks in the future, to imagine a world without adequate fish stocks, and what would life be like on earth when that day comes.

Sophie Innmann (Germany)

Sophie Innmann holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe, where she graduated in 2014 as Meisterschülerin of Prof. Leni Hoffmann. Her art practice is marked by site-specific installations and interventions which are based on the observation of spaces and human actions which create our everyday experience, and which she transfers as underlying concepts for participatory experimental settings with an open-ended outcome. Her proposals aim to outline the possibilities of how to create an image based on human activity. Her work is shown internationally in solo and group exhibitions and she has been awarded several residencies and scholarships.

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