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Indra Purwa Mosque

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Photo: Ferial Afiff (accessed from Instagram @alebutoh)

The third of the purportedly as the first from Aceh Lhee Sagoe was Indra Purwa. Its position is the most fragile compared to the two other points (Indrapatra Fort and Indrapuri Old Mosque). According to local residents, the building which is now a mosque has moved four times. At first, it was near Tuan Island, but due to abrasion – the ebb and flow – the last tsunami, this building was always renovated. A chief of mukim also said that Indra Purwa was the first of two other points.

Photo: Ferial Afiff (accessed from Instagram @alebutoh)
Photo: Ferial Afiff (accessed from Instagram @alebutoh)

There is an old pulpit that no one knows since when it is on this building – that is now used as a mosque. Locals say the building is new, but the pulpit is authentic. A friend said if you look from wood material, this pulpit has also been renovated but the low part may be original.

Photo: Ferial Afiff (accessed from Instagram @alebutoh)
Photo: Ferial Afiff (accessed from Instagram @alebutoh)
Photo: Ferial Afiff (accessed from Instagram @alebutoh)

Putroe Neng captured Indra Purwa’s fortress. Thanks to the intelligence tactics of war and strategize, she managed to occupy this region. From the Aceh saga, during Putroe Neng’s reign – a woman with her 100 husbands – made various policies that afflicted the people of Indra Jaya.

Someone wrote: Indra Purwa Kingdom, which is thought to have existed since 2000 BC, has three strategic defense areas. Now, the location is in the city of Banda Aceh to Aceh Besar.

Photo: Ferial Afiff (accessed from Instagram @alebutoh)

Quoted from various sources without intending to make it true. Because, the more it is excavated, the more the timeline becomes “Man!”.


FERIAL AFFIF adalah seniman fleksibel yang telah aktif berkarya lebih dari 10 tahun. Saat ini ia berdomisili di Yogyakarta. Pola karyanya tak punya batasan maupun gaya tertentu, secara artistik dia kerap beralih-peran sebagai fasilitator/kurator/penulis/peneliti/produser/dsb. Dia senantiasa penasaran. berhubungan dengan orang lain serta kondisi kehidupan yang menyertainya, terutama tema lingkungan/gender/sejarah. Karyanya sempat hadir di berbagai kota di Indonesia dan negara lain seperti: Singapura,Myanmar, Jepang, Korea Selatan, India, Sri Lanka, Madagaskar, Switzerland, dan sebagainya, Ferial sejak 2012 menjadi anggota Lifepatch, sebuah inisiasi warga dalam seni-sains-teknologi. Sejak 2018 bersama Putri Wartawati, Ridwan Rau Rau, dan Yayasan Lingkar Semanggi (Tangerang) menginisiasi Expedition Camp sebuah forum temu dan berbagi per dua tahunan bagi para praktisi performans se-Asia.

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