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Noah’s Ark in Tanabira

English | Indonesia

Photo: Arif Setiawan

“Noah’s Ark” in Tanabira (Bira, South Sulawesi). An ancestors’ legacy. Construction of ships without blueprints and super-sophisticated equipment. All memories and knowledge of building boats, pinisi, padekawang — even ships that I do not know the name of, reside in the body and mind of the shipbuilders. The life ecosystem of sailors; sailors must be able to build their own ship.

Photo: Arif Setiawan

Long lined up at the shore of shipbuilding workshops. In other places there really are. However, for a living space and pride as a traditional shipbuilder, here is the place. The shipbuilders minimized the use of steel nails in the body of the ship with their own reasons, they still chose wooden pegs as the connecting parts of the ship. Rituals of safety and rituals of shipbuilding are also still well preserved without the language of ‘kopar-kapir’. And the most beautiful, the treatment of the ship, as it is a living thing.

Photo: Arif Setiawan

Currently, the shipbuilding process runs if there are orders from large corporations or billionaires. A little good when it comes to orders from anthropologists who sometimes do seafaring or marine museums. Such a pity? Yes, indeed. Local orders are only in the range of local resorts. That, too, is for tourism needs.

Photo: Arif Setiawan

Pride as a sailor is still attached today. But what about in the next three or four generations? It could be gone. There are no more skillful sailors, only the master shipbuilders are left, and maybe both of them are missing. Maybe. I hope not!!!

And the trash that adorns the beach … ??? Yes, that is so…


ARIF SETIAWAN adalah sutradara, penulis naskah dan juga aktor yang tinggal di Pontianak ini biasa dipanggil ‘Aib’. Dia aktif dalam skena perteateran di Pontianak dan mengajar di Sanggar Teater Linka SMAN 1 Pontianak dan menjadi pengurus di Grup Teater Jaya Abadi Makmur Bersama. Ia terlibat dalam Parade Teater 2010, juga pernah aktif dalam Forum Masyarakat teater Kalimantan barat. Naskah terakhir yang dikerjakannya Spesies terakhir di Muka Bumi menghilangkan batas antara panggung-penonton-aktor menjadi sebuah pementasan interaktif yang menarik. Pementasan ini mengajak kita berpikir tentang gravitasi dan ukuran dari “dosa”, menempatkan kita pada situasi-situasi dilematis dimana kesadaran-nurani dan kenyataan-pragmatis berada di persimpangan jalan.

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