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Nusa Pustaka Pambusuang

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This is the appearance of my “home” for the next month, located in Pambusuang Village, Balanipa District, Polewali Mandar Regency, West Sulawesi. (Even though the plane landed in South Sulawesi). A very unique place; established since 2015. This self-sustained library has a distinctly oceanic feel, where books, sandeq (the term for Mandar’s traditional sailboat), and beautiful ocean-scented decorations are arranged in each corner and side of the room.

Photo: Arif Setiawan
Photo: Arif Setiawan

The composition intertwined between recycled and new materials in the construction of this building makes this library beautiful, in my opinion. Sometimes, this is a haven for researchers both local and outside; a place to find data and information for college students who want to complete their dissertations or coursework; and also as a children’s playroom — which simply runs, plays, laughs, and reads happily — without any fixed rules for using facilities, books, or just stopping by. Just space awareness.

Photo: Arif Setiawan
Photo: Arif Setiawan
Photo: Arif Setiawan

Once in a while, I see children in and out, carrying books freely. Free? Yes, free !!! Without the administrative process, books can be brought home or read on the spot. It is because the main goal is to foster an interest in reading in this fishing village.

With the existence of Perahu Pustaka (No photo because it is at sea), the movement area to cultivate reading activities has covered a considerable distance to the islands around the Mandar Bay.

Great grassroots spirit from Ridwan, the founder of this library! You are so cool !!!

It whipped and slapped me! Hopefully, in the future, I can make a space like this. It doesn’t have to be the same, but at least it’s the same in principle. Hehehehe! (And forgive my low sense of photography because the soul of my documentation section is being trained.)

Photo: Arif Setiawan
Photo: Arif Setiawan
Photo: Arif Setiawan
Photo: Arif Setiawan

Hopefully we can be friends for a month, yes, Nusa Pustaka! A new home for my new experience.

Thank you, Rhizomatic Archipelago residency program!

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ARIF SETIAWAN adalah sutradara, penulis naskah dan juga aktor yang tinggal di Pontianak ini biasa dipanggil ‘Aib’. Dia aktif dalam skena perteateran di Pontianak dan mengajar di Sanggar Teater Linka SMAN 1 Pontianak dan menjadi pengurus di Grup Teater Jaya Abadi Makmur Bersama. Ia terlibat dalam Parade Teater 2010, juga pernah aktif dalam Forum Masyarakat teater Kalimantan barat. Naskah terakhir yang dikerjakannya Spesies terakhir di Muka Bumi menghilangkan batas antara panggung-penonton-aktor menjadi sebuah pementasan interaktif yang menarik. Pementasan ini mengajak kita berpikir tentang gravitasi dan ukuran dari “dosa”, menempatkan kita pada situasi-situasi dilematis dimana kesadaran-nurani dan kenyataan-pragmatis berada di persimpangan jalan.

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