Month: June 2019

Ensaid Panjang

In Ensaid Panjang, there are 28 rooms which means 28 houses. The mothers weave from noon to late afternoon. We stayed in a special room for guests. Night falls and we all gather to listen to bekana (‘fairy tales’) from one of the grandmothers who are also trusted to guard the stairs of women and bedudu (‘speak with chants’), such as mattedze in Mandar.


Restu Ratnaningtyas in “Domain/Terrain” has delved through her personal experiences of moving in and out of old and new places. They are simple episodic memories which were initially perceived psychologically as social phenomena; yet when reflected from a certain distance, this allowed her to respond to these memories from a different perspective.


Restu Ratnaningtyas dalam “Ranah/Tanah” menggali pengalaman-pengalamannya keluar masuk dalam ruang lama/ruang baru, kisah sederhana yang ketika direfleksikan dalam jarak tertentu membuatnya bisa memetakan peristiwa yang awalnya tampak melalui psikologis sebagai fenomena sosial.