"Discussion", BODIES OF POWER / POWER FOR BODIES_, Choreographed Knowledges_

Performing Knowledges

A series of public activities, part of the Choreographed Knowledges exhibition

English | Indonesia

Location: Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society
Date: February 2, 2019
Hours: 15:00 – 20:00

#1: Act 
Screening of documentation of the theatre piece Sangkar Madu (2013), by Verry Handayani, followed by a discussion about the embodiment of knowledge & skills, with respondents Ferial Afiff, Muhamad Abe dan MN Qomaruddin, moderated by Khairunisa.

#2: Sing
Collective karaoke session, using a selection of songs about labour and migrant work that were produced by Indonesian migrant workers during their time abroad. Playlist compiled by Brigitta Isabella and friends.

These events are part of Choreographed Knowledges, an exhibition by Julia Sarisetiati, curated by Grace Samboh at Cemeti Institute (on view until 9 Februari 2019).

Speaker Biography

Bernadeta Verry Handayani works at the Umar Kayam Foundation and is the coordinator for Forum Aktor Yogyakarta. She has been working as a theatremaker since her time at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of UGM. She was a member of Teater Garasi from 1993 to 2014. Previously directed theatre pieces include Sum; Cerita dari RantauJangkar Babu. Sangkar Madu, and the recently staged D> S / D <S: Invisible Costs (Part 1) and (Part 2) in 2018.

Brigitta Isabella is a writer and researcher whose work revolves around topics related to the geopolitics of labour, mobility, and transnational solidarity. She engaged and collaborate with Indonesian migrant workers through Afterwork Reading Club, a reading group focussing on modes of gendered migration, organized by Kunci Cultural Studies Center (Yogyakarta), Para Site (Hong Kong) and Indonesian migrant workers-writers in Hong Kong in 2015—2016. Brigitta furthermore initiated the ongoing collaborative platform From Bandung to Berlin (www.frombandungtoberlin.com)