Ngaji Bunyi – “Does Sound Matter?” #2

Public Discussion by Julian Abraham “Togar”, collaborating with Jack Simanjuntak, Bob Edrian, and Grace Samboh

English | Indonesia

Location: Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society
Date: December 17, 2018
Hours: 15:00 – 18:00

Please join us on Monday at 15.00 hrs at Cemeti Institute for the second edition of Ngaji Bunyi–Does Sound Matter?, a series of three study sessions focussing on sound, initiated by artist Julian Abraham “Togar” in the context of his solo exhibition ~IIINNNGGG~ at Cemeti. The first Ngaji Bunyi-Does Sound Matter by Togar took place on 2 December 2018 at Masjid Jendral Sudirman, and can now be viewed in a video installation at Cemeti.

For the second Ngaji Bunyi–Does Sound Matter?, Togar has invited researcher Jack Simanjuntak (Jakarta) and curator Bob Edrian (Bandung) to each share their ongoing research concerning sound. Jack Simanjuntak will focus on the relation between sound and space, spatial characteristics, psychoacoustics and soundscapes in relation to the theme of the exhibition. Bob Edrian will discuss his experience of curating sound art exhibitions, address the history of sound art in Indonesia, and talk about success and failure, the practicalities of exhibiting sound art and the politics of space. The study session will be moderated by curator Grace Samboh.

Ngaji Bunyi–Does Sound Matter #2 is part of ~IIINNNGGG~, a solo exhibition by Julian Abraham “Togar” at Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society (7 December 2018-9 January 2019), which builds on the artist’s ongoing research into the physical, technological, historical and socio-political aspects of sound.

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Speaker Biography

Jack Arthur Simanjuntak is a fulltime lecturer at the Conservatory of Music, Universitas Pelita Harapan. He received his M.Des.Sc degree in audio-sound design from University of Sydney, Australia in 2003. Since 2005, he has been working as a sound advisor, music producer and recording engineer. He obtained his Ph.D in music acoustics, sound recording and sound field reconstruction at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonsia. He has recently presented his research at the Galpin International Conference Music Society at the University of Cambridge (UK), the Western Pacific Acoustics Conference (WESPAC, Singapore), the International Congress on Sound and Vibrations (ICSV in Athens, Greece), the Internoise Hong Kong, and at the Regional Conferene on Acoustics and Vibrations (RECAV).

Bob Edrian (b. 1988) is an independent curator, researcher/writer, and musician based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. His research focuses on the philosophy, concept and exploration of sound in art and media in Indonesia. He curated the 2016 exhibition Bandung New Emergence Vol.6: Listen! and is currently working onthe book SONIK: Selisik Seni Bunyi (to be published in 2019). He is a university lecturer, part of Galeri Soemardja ITB’s Research and Curatorial Team, and member of Salon, a collective focussing on sound and music (with Duto Hardono, Haikal Azizi, and Riar Rizaldi). For more info see bobedrian.net.

Grace Samboh is a curator and researcher based between Yogyakarta and Medan, Indonesia. Aside from curating exhibitions and writing for various publications both in Indonesia and abroad, she is a member of Hyphen research collective (hyphen.web.id) with whom she is working towards a publication about Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru Indonesia [“The IndonesianNew Art Movement”] (1975-1989). She is furthermore program manager of the Equator Symposium (2012-2022, with Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation), with the next edition coming up on this month. Grace regularly posts her writings on sambohgrace.wordpress.com.


Cemeti – Institut untuk Seni dan Masyarakat (sebelumnya ‘Galeri Cemeti’, kemudian ‘Rumah Seni Cemeti’) adalah platform tertua seni kontemporer di Indonesia, didirikan di Yogyakarta tahun 1988 oleh Mella Jaarsma dan Nindityo Adipurnomo. Cemeti menawarkan platform bagi seniman dan praktisi kebudayaan untuk mengembangkan, menyajikan, dan mempraktikkan aktivitas mereka lewat kolaborasi bersama kurator, peneliti, aktivis, penulis dan performer, serta komunitas lokal di Yogyakarta.