Remnants of Conversations

Performance work-in-process by M.N. Qomaruddin

Collaborated with Performers Studio Teater Garasi 

English | Indonesia

Location: Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society
Date: September 15, 2018
Hours: 18:00

Remnants of Conversations is a work-in-progress developed as an ensemble from the desire to learn about and show the issue of Fundamentalism through performance, using the keywords “myth” and “spectatorship.” This work explores the performers’ interpretations on bridging the gap between these two seemingly unrelated keywords. This work consists of three parts, each one hour long, as a result of the interaction between performers and spectators to jointly build collective narratives.

Initiated by M. N. Qomaruddin in collaboration with Performer Studio (Seri Riset): Putu Alit Panca Nugraha, Yesa Utomo, Rizky Irwan Wijaya, Annu Cutter, Rafia Ali Akbar, Chaerussabry, Hartmantyo Utomo, Mega Nur, Regina Gandes Mutiary, Agam Satya Muhammad, Muhammad Eva Nuril Huda, Halida Bunga Fisandra, Azaro Verdo Nuary, Alexandra Moerdomo.

This event is part of the group exhibition Bodies of Power/Power for Bodies.

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