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LARAS: Jaba Jero

English | Indonesia

Location: Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society
Date: October 6 -7, 2017
Hours: 09:00 – 17:00

Jaba Jero

Soundscapes and sound installations by LARAS Studies of Music in Society at Cemeti

In their two-day project Jaba Jero, music research collective Laras questions the intersections, overlapping and clashes between public and private space by means of sound. They will present five different soundscapes in Cemeti’s semi-public kitchen, garden, corridor, gallery and toilet. The soundscapes are comprised of recordings taken from Cemeti’s direct surroundings: you will hear the sound of transaction from Maga supermarktet and the pedicab stop across the street; a conversation from a neighbouring food stall, the playlist from the restaurant next door; as well as the sound of Cemeti’s first building in the kraton area of Yogyakarta. Starting from the premise that not only bricks but also sound forms space, Laras explores how the boundaries between public and private space can become blurred or even disappear.

This event is part of the exhibition Ruang Politik Pertama Bernama Rumah [“The First Political Space Called Home”], a project initiated by artist Dito Yuwono for which he has invited five Yogyakarta based collectives to collaborate, namely Barasub, Laras, RAR Editions, Sewon Screening and Studio Batu. This exhibition is part of Cemeti’s Maintenance Works program (January 2017-June 2018).

Biografi Seniman

Laras – Studies of Music in Society is a community that explores the role and position of music within society. Founded in 2014 by musicians/researchers Rizky Sasono and Leilani Hermiasih, Laras scrutinizes musical excerpts in the community through various programs involving researchers, music practitioners and academics. Laras activities include different kinds of studies and the dissemination of information that call on the public to become aware of issues relating to the existence of music in the community.

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Cemeti – Institut untuk Seni dan Masyarakat (sebelumnya ‘Galeri Cemeti’, kemudian ‘Rumah Seni Cemeti’) adalah platform tertua seni kontemporer di Indonesia, didirikan di Yogyakarta tahun 1988 oleh Mella Jaarsma dan Nindityo Adipurnomo. Cemeti menawarkan platform bagi seniman dan praktisi kebudayaan untuk mengembangkan, menyajikan, dan mempraktikkan aktivitas mereka lewat kolaborasi bersama kurator, peneliti, aktivis, penulis dan performer, serta komunitas lokal di Yogyakarta.