"Project Introduction", 2nd Draft: Berbagi, MAINTENANCE WORKS_

Maintenance Works – 2nd Draft: “Berbagi”

English | Indonesia

AS PART OF the Maintenance Works Programme, the project of Maintenance Works 2nd Draft ran from July 2017 to July 2018 and consisted of an exhibition series entitled “Berbagi” (“sharing” in Indonesian). For this second draft we invited six artists, groups or cultural practitioners, experimenting with different forms of collaborative working, to realise a project at Cemeti. The aim was to give them space to experiment with new models of practice, whilst also allowing Cemeti to learn from their varied ways of working. The Berbagi exhibition series included: Museum of the Ordinary Things (Barbagi #1) by Eko Prawoto with Eko Prawoto Architectural Workshop and the Laboratory of History, Technology and Design Studies, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Duta Wicana Christian University; Ruang Politik Pertama Bernama Rumah (Berbagi #2) by Dito Yuwono with Barasub, Laras music research collective, RAR Editions, Studio Batu and Sewon Screening; Artist Job Fair (Berbagi #3) by Wok The Rock with Videshiiya & friends; In a Hard Place Apply Soft Pressure/s (Berbagi #4) by soft/WALL/studs; MASS (Berbagi #5) by Auto Italia with Marianne Forrest, Edward Gillman, Friend in French (a.k.a. Ahmi Kim), Pablo Jones Soler and Natasha Tontey, and ALMANAK (Berbagi #6)by artist Natasha Tontey in collaboration with curator Syafiatudina.