"Exhibition", 1st Draft: Propositions, MAINTENANCE WORKS_

Cemeti x TUHANTU

English | Indonesia

Location: Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society
Date: 30 May – 10 June 2017
Time: 10:00 – 17:00


work in progress

Project presentation by TUHANTU

With: Aria Pradifta, Wok The Rock, Andhika Wicaksono, Okta Samid, Natasha Gabriella Tontey, Maria I. Uthe, Eleonora A. Yuanita, and Sarah Rayhana

Opening activities, Tuesday 30 May 2017

16.00         Opening reception
16.45         Public installing
17.30         Buka Puasa [break fasting]
18.30         Kitchen talk by TUHANTU

CEMETI X TUHANTU isa presentation by design collective TUHANTU, located in Cemeti’s newly furnished entrance space (designed by Collective Works). This presentation marks the culmination of a three-month residency intensive by TUHANTU at Cemeti. In the beginning of this year, Cemeti invited TUHANTU to redesign our visual identity. Instead of this being a service model, with Cemeti as the client, we asked TUHANTU to become one of our research and discussion partners throughout our current one-year Maintenance Works programme. This means that the design process is not divorced from Cemeti’s program. On the contrary: TUHANTU doesn’t just follow and observe, but its members organise workshops and exchanges, which feeds into our own exploration of Cemeti’s new vision and therewith into the program.

In the presentation CEMETI x TUHANTU –the name of our WhatsApp group—, TUHANTU presents various elements they have realized over the past few months, including a temporary visual identity for Maintenance Works –consisting of a “no image available” logo, this newsletter template as well as several default design rules for emailing, printed matter and digital publications–. The presentation furthermore contains an annotated selection from Cemeti’s rich archive of publicity posters, notes from workshops TUHANTU has conducted, sketches and thoughts, additions to the The Sum of (Almost) All Things mind map by Collective Works that adorns Cemeti’s entrance wall, an annotated archive presentation of old Cemeti publicity posters, as well as references brought in by TUHANTU’s members and others. A recorded Skype conversation between the TUHANTU members give the visitor insight into their process of finding collective ways of working, in the context of busy individual schedules and at times dispersed locations and time zones.

As an inherent part of the opening, the presentation will be installed by TUHANTU maintenance technicians, asking help from the audience. For the afternoon, a copy machine will be installed at Cemeti where you can copy references, books or sections of Cemeti’s library and archive. After celebrating the fast breaking of Ramadan, at 18.30 hrs a conversation will take place in Cemeti’s kitchen area, in which TUHANTU will talk about their working process of the past three months, as well as discuss Cemeti’s old “target” logo with Cemeti co-founder and board member Nindityo Adipurnomo. Lastly, the “no image available” icon that has adorned the light box in Cemeti’s front garden will be replaced with an image of buffering, of loading, mirroring not only Cemeti’s state of flux, but also TUHANTU’s, while our collaboration moves into the next phase, with Cemeti’s new mission, programme and visual identity to be launched in 2018. More soon!

Photo documentations of the Cemeti x TUHANTU

Artist’s Biography

TUHANTU is a collective for visual communication design, whose activities include art projects and exhibitions, workshops, study groups as well as commercial design work, and more. This goes for the cooperative as a whole, as well as for the individual members. TUHANTU applies design as a working method and as a tool for art projects. Currently, with some the members being based in Yogyakarta, some in Jakarta and some being in and out of the country, TUHANTU is experimenting with ways of working, that are more informal, using existing physical and virtual spaces (not being centred in one location or digital platform), using Skype and other tools for communication, infusing contemporary art and design practices with conventional/vernacular methods such as drawing or doodling. Current members of TUHANTU are: Wok The Rock, Andhika Wicaksono, Aria Pradifta, Okta Samid, Natasha Gabriella Tontey, Maria I. Uthe, Eleonora A. Yuanita and Sarah Rayhana.