"Project Introduction", 1st Draft: Propositions, MAINTENANCE WORKS_

Maintenance Works – 1st Draft: “Propositions”

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Maintenance Works – 1st Draft: Propositions

January – June 2017

THE YEAR OF the rooster is near, and here at Cemeti we cock-a-doodle-do out to you, to join a year filled with workshops, assemblies, working groups, residencies and an evolving exhibition of propositions, notes and first drafts. With our year-long programme Maintenance Works we hope to create a space in 2017, Cemeti’s 30th year, in which we can collectively experiment, test ideas, make mistakes, and even fail together, as we think through various models of instituting; sketching alternative possible futures for Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society.

Documenting the documentation of the second How We Work team meeting, where we made a housekeeping chart and talked about what we want to more of and what we’d like to do less of, why and how.

Maintenance Works Draft #1: Proposisi mencakup pameran dengan nama yang sama dengan mempresentasikan berbagai karya seni, proyek, wawancara, bahan arsip, ruang kerja, dan kelompok editorial yang mendiami galeri dan ruang domestik Cemeti; Pertemuan tiga hari bertajuk Forms of Exchange: (Re)producing Residencies yang menjelajahi masalah dan kemungkinan model residensi (salah satu bentuk utama dari produksi artistik di Indonesia); klub film nonreguler; desain ulang ruang galeri dan fasilitas publik Cemeti oleh duo desain Collective Works (Karin Mientjes dan Peter Zuiderwijk); dan awal kolaborasi dua tahun dengan design cooperative TUHANTU untuk merancang ulang logo, identitas visual, dan situs web Cemeti agar sesuai dengan fokus dan arahan baru.

With TUHANTU, discussing self-design and self-distribution.
Is this it? How else?

Maintenance Works is the first programme under the new team at Cemeti, where after more than 28 years the artist founders have stepped aside from the day-to-day running of the organization, staying on to advise as chairs of the board. As we, the new team, take the helm we wanted to take a moment for public reflection. Instead of rolling out a fully developed program, we decided to use 2017 to recalibrate, envisioning Cemeti as being “down for maintenance” (like a website), whilst being open to the public. By conceptually taking the institution offline, we hope to create time to ask basic questions about where we are, and where we want to go, beginning with:

“What are the key social and political urgencies in the city, the country, the region today?”
“What is the social and political agency of art practice?”
“What can institutions (of art) do?”
“What is a gallery for?”
“How do we work together?”

We hope to see you on Friday 20th January for the launch, or at some point in the year to come.